PORTABLE PERFORMANCE SAMPLER (dim.: min. 14,1x29,2x4,6cm)

We live in the digital age. Despite all the advantages that this development brings to our way of life, there is a growing desire for physical electronic musical instruments in order to experience focus and limitation in a creative process. The performance sampler ECSTASEQUENCE is the intuitive instrument that improves the creative handling of samples in the studio, on stage or on the road.

Berlin, Germany 2019

The internal memory allows you to save or record your own samples. There is also a selection of preset samples of standard electronic musical instruments. For example, if you select the TB 303 instrument from the selection menu, you can program it in sequencer mode. The pitch of the individual steps can be set intuitively using rotary knobs. When the knob is touched, the step is previewed in the sequence. By pushing-in the knob, the step is activated and the sound is from now on permanently included in the sequence. If the step is no longer to be played, it can be pushed out again. The respective step is deactivated. A running light display informs in real time about the position of the sequence. 

Samples cannot only be played via individual steps in the sequencer (SEQ) mode. If, for example, a JUNO-6 with a keyboard in the original is loaded, an input in octave mode (OCT) is recommended. In this mode the surfaces of the knobs can be played similar to piano keys. The offset between half tone and whole tone and a key spacing, similar to a conventional keyboard, allows an intuitive playing of chords or single tones. By activating the recording function, inputs in octave mode can be transferred into a sequence. 

Due to the small and handy form factor, the device can easily be stored in conventional bags or suitcases. In addition, the rotary knobs are protected for transport and cannot break off. Common connection options such as 3.5mm jack, MIDI, CV, GATE and USB-C enable the connection with conventional electronic musical instruments. A very good compatibility is thus guaranteed.

In order to design a product for a defined target group twelve user interviews were conducted with fifty percent female and fifty percent male musicians from seven different nationalities.

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