LAMP FOR INDIRECT LIGHTING (dim.: min. 15x13cm)

Emilio is a lamp for warm and indirect lighting. The light intensity can be adjusted playfully and intuitively. Emilio can be used in battery mode and easily recharged via USB-C.

Barcelona, Spain 2017

Winner ideas competition „GO FOR GOLD“

Belektro Expo for smart home / lighting

Messe Berlin, 2018

No switch, no button, no remote control. 
emilio can be switched on and off intuitively and playfully with just one hand. The magnetic connection between metal ball and magnetic recess closes the circuit and the emissive cylinder fades on. By pulling the metal ball, the height of the emissive cylinder rises up (sunrise)  and the luminosity increases. If the magnetic connection is disconnected, the light fades off and the emissive cylinder slides down (sunset).

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